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Friday, October 26, 2007

Writing: Meet Lizard

Tommy has a dear friend named Lizard. As you can see, Lizard wears ladies' underwear. Outside of that unusual quirk, Lizard is quite a guy. He's a social butterfly; an entrepreneur; and an adventurer. Lizard's best friend, Frilled Lizard, joins Lizard daily for a glass of watermelon juice at a table at Lizard's restaurant. Other patrons include various bobcats, siamese cats, lions, and characters from almost every movie and book Tom has ever seen or read. Lizard caters to them all.
The restaurant is on the bottom floor of Lizard's building, where he has a penthouse suite. The view is wonderful: he can see his own boat, train, and car.
Today, Lizard and his friends took the houseboat to Nova Scotia, where they met up with the Harbor Master from the Theodore Tugboat series. There, they had a long chat about provisioning the boat; compared the merits of various research subs; and got directions to the nearest butcher's shop (where Lizard could purchase sausages for his cat friends aboard).
I think they're heading out to sea, but I'm not sure.
It occured to me that we could combine keyboarding with fiction writing by turning Tommy loose on the computer to write Lizard stories. So far, he has been very enthusiastic about this - though his handling of the narrative arc (not to mention spelling and grammar) leaves a great deal to be desired.
I have a feeling that, after another couple of weeks, we will be in desperate need of illustrations. So far, for example, Lizard and friends have taken a "pop car" on a "huge mettal thing" to the 7th floor, Room L. I'm not quite sure what that means - but I am absolutely sure that Tommy has an amazing, rich, and wonderful imagination!


Debi said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. It seems to me you have an extraordinary writer budding in your midst! My son has a great imagination too...brilliant in fact. This is what leads me to wonder if in fact we have had high-functioning all along; who long ago dreamed and helped produce the world we now live in. It also gives a LITTLE more validity to HFs who believe they are the product of evolution.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are about to start homeschooling our son Matthew who is in 2nd grade. He can read and write and is very verbal, funny and imaginative, his difficulties in school are transitioning from what he wants to do to something else. Lately he has become aggressive, thrashing around at school, and their solution was to send him home. So he learned to act up to come home! - Peter

Lisa Jo Rudy said...

He DEFINITELY has a terrific imagination... not quite sure yet how to channel the million ideas into a more coherent form of narrative!

Peter - welcome to the homeschool world (even if it wasn't your first choice). I'm thinking your son is not the first to figure out that misbehaving at school is a great way to ensure terrific attention from mom and dad...

So far, the homeschool experience has been very positive - let me know how things go for you.

Is the school offering ANY concessions to a "free and appropriate education?" Of course, if they claim they can't handle your son's needs, they are legally required to either provide a private setting or some other solution.

Good luck!!