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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making Model Railway Trees from "Old Man's Beard"

This is an absolutely amazing technique that Tommy and my husband, Peter, developed for making trees for a model railway. It helps, of course, that we live on Cape Cod - where the moss called "Old Man's Beard" is everywhere. But if you have a similar moss available, you've got to give this technique a try.

You need:

  1. twigs

  2. plenty of Old Man's Beard Moss

  3. glue

  4. hammer and nail

  5. base in which to stand your trees (we have a papier mache mountain, part of our model railway)
Here's what you do:

  1. dip the twig in glue

  2. glue a tuft of moss to the twig

  3. allow to dry

  4. use nail and hammer to punch a hole in your base (of course, if the base is cardboard you won't need the hammer)

  5. Put the twig into the hole

  6. Put a little more glue around the outside of the hole

You're done!

Here are pix:

1 comment:

The Glasers said...

What a great "craft" for boys!!!!!