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Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Does He Ever Warm Up?"

Today we took a trip to the Cape Cod National Seashore for Junior Ranger program. It was a perfect day, and there was a terrific group of homeschoolers ready to learn. This seemed like a great opportunity for Tom, who loves the beach, loves critters, and loves museums (like the one at the Visitor Center).

Here's Tommy, helping to measure an animal track as part of the program:

This is the kind of photo that makes me realize how easy it is to make a child appear "typically developing" (or "recovered") as opposed to "autistic."

You can clearly see how well Tom (at the left) is cooperating with a peer in an age-appropriate activity. He's measuring, discussing tracks and tracking...

But in fact, he's doing it entirely on his own. Even the friendliest overtures from the boys he worked with led to real anxiety... which in turn led to some pretty snippy responses ("no, I DON'T want to trade measuring tapes!").

It made it all come home for me when the boy with the cast (on the right) asked me quietly - "does he ever warm up?"


The Glasers said...

Photographs are funny. I was going through some yesterday. If you put one set together, Pamela looks typical; but, I could put another set together that would make her seem very autistic.

Snippy is a step up from screaming or melting down. :0)

Anonymous said...

Count me in on this one. It seems the girls put up with it more than the boys. I think it is because the girls are bossy and he follows them around until the point of meltdown. He comes home, calms down and then wants to return, sometimes he is welcomed back and other times not. I'm thankful for their patience and understanding with him.

The Holmescrew said...

I love your honesty!