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Monday, January 14, 2008


When we moved into our new house on Cape Cod, Peter decided to put up every one of our family photos - in the frames - on a single wall. Then he put up a whole collection of prints and drawings of plants and animals from around the world. Later, he decided he didn't like the look after all - and as a result there are quite a few framed items stacked up against the walls.

Yesterday, we noticed that Tom had picked out a color drawing of a cockatoo (one of his favorite critters) and set it up on his dresser. This was the very first time he had intentionally selected something to decorate his own space - and he is thrilled with his new decor. It felt like a minor breakthrough.

This morning, Tom was - as usual - lounging on the living room couch and flipping through books. Suddenly I noticed that the nail on the wall above his head was no longer empty. Over Tommy's head hung a framed photo of - Tommy! He explained that he had looked through all the pictures and picked that one out because he just thought it was nice.

I'm not quite sure what Tom's new redecorating impulse is all about, but I love it! If nothing else, it means that he is expressing his taste and interests - on his own. What's more, he's making it clear that he has chosen to take some ownership of and responsbility for his own home.

Very cool indeed.

Now: how can we turn his new interest in interior decorating into a homeschool project? I have a few ideas...

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ProCameraGirl said...

Hello Lisa Jo,
I can't believe how much Tommy and Jacob are alike. Jacob, in the past 6 months redecorated his room. He hung up two posters that were in his favorite magazine next to his bed. He makes choices that are good for him and we go along with it as long as it is appropriate and safe. I like that he is using his own judgement and expressing himself. Also, Tommy sounds like he likes himself. (By picking out a picture of himself and hanging it in a place where everyone can see it.) He is making good choices and soon I can imagine that you will see even more choices coming as spring arrives in a few months.
Enjoy the moments Lisa Jo, and know that Tommy's success starts from the foundation you have have given him.
Have a good week, Cheerfully, Dee