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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Blogger Award from Canvas Grey!

How neat to get a prize from The Canvas Grey! Thanks so very much - this blogosphere thing is a ton of fun!
I got another similar award earlier this year from Harold Doherty of Facing Autism in New Brunswick - but hadn't started this blog and couldn't make an "official" announcement on Here's what Harold had to say about the Autism site:
Notwithstanding her affinity for the neurodiversity perspective and my aversion to that socio-political movement we were able to exchange views rationally on such topics as curing autism, autism realities etc. I give Ms. Rudy most of the credit for that. She has also taken the generous step of referencing my perspective and this blog site on About actions which I genuinely appreciate. I thank Ms. Rudy for her calm rational discussion of autism issues with someone from outside the neurodiversity perspective. Ms. Rudy's words about a spectrum of autism perspectives are worth remembering.
Thanks to you, too, Harold!
One of the most complex aspects of the "autism world" is its diversity - and I'm very proud to say that I have friends in all its corners.

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Debi said...

I completely agree with Mr. Doherty. I'm a huge fan of your about blog as well. You really deserve kudos! Moms can never get enough pats on the back, especially when they help so many others as they make their way through all the twists and turns! Lisa you do, very much, have a welcoming to one. Thanks for that too!